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The Mural in the School Lobby and Cover of the Book

St Xavier’s Institution took its name from Saint Francis Xavier, the 16th century Jesuit Missionary and Patron of the Missions.


A mural depicting the life and mission of this great Saint is seen in the School Lobby. The title and theme of the mural is “The Patronage of Saint Francis Xavier”. By means both of symbolism and realistic representation, the artist Brother Joseph McNally, illustrates the life and labours of our great Patron and his continuing influence in the education imparted in our School.


The present time is symbolised by the red background colour which in the lower right hand corner links up with swirling waters in a spiral motif to suggest the last four and a half centuries. Oriental-wise the painting is to be read from right to left.


Three buildings symbolise the youth of Saint Francis Xavier. One is the Basque Castle where he was born, the other suggests Paris where he studied, when he came under the influence of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and made his vows as a Jesuit. The third building suggests Rome from where he received his Mission to the East. His missionary endeavours under the burning sun, which symbolises his virility, ranged from India to the Moluccas, to far-away Japan and to our Malacca. There, when he rang his bell the children, young and old from different races, rushed to hear him preach Christ. The passage of years has not diminished but rather increased his striking power and influence, here demonstrated by the rushing group of modern Xaverians from the school to his feet.


Saint Francis Xavier was determined to bring God’s Word to China. He was steadfast in his Mission to give Christ’s Message of Love to the Emperor. He, however, did not succeed. In sight of the Chinese mainland he gave back his pure soul to God. But his failure was, like that of Christ himself, a success. The work started by him has increased and multiplied. No better example of his success can be pointed out than this School which bears his glorious name.

The Xaverian Insignia

The Symbols
The Blue Sky and the Rising Sun symbolise the Far East
The Pinang Tree denotes Penang
The Star is from the Coat of Arms of the Christian Brothers on a Yellow and White background representing the Papal Colours
SXI are the initials of St Xavier’s Institution on a Red background epitomising the Torch of Knowledge

The Colours
Red denotes Faith | Yellow portrays Hope | Blue symbolises Charity

Motto: Labor Omnia Vincit

Labor Omnia Vincit Latin for “Labour Conquers All”.

The School Colours

The School Colours are White and Green. White represents the French Lilies as a remembrance of the contribution of the French Brothers. Green is the colour of the Shamrock of Ireland in recognition of the services of the Irish Brothers.

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